Florida Parking Laws

DO YOU KNOW THE “Parking Laws”?

   The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) receives numerous complaints on ”illegal” parking. Many of the reported situations are in violation of Florida statutes or Hillsborough ordinances.
   HCSO has requested SCC Security Patrol to assist in an Educational Program on “Florida Parking Laws.” They are reaching out to the media and including information in public presentations. The Security Patrol is distributing information cards developed by HCSO to show the violations identified in the statutes and ordinances.
   Security Patrol Captains are placing these information cards on vehicles in apparent violation. Our drivers identify these vehicles during their regular patrolling and forward to the Captain for action. These are NOT tickets but are issued for information only. The statutes and ordinances are in place to provide health and safety for our citizens. How we park impacts safe passage on sidewalks for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, those using walkers and all pedestrians. Possibly violating ADA laws.
Additionally, parking regulations are written to assure adequate traffic passage for fire trucks, ambulances and service vehicles (garbage trucks, delivery trucks, etc.). SCC Security Patrol is proud to assist HCSO in serving our community with this education effort.

FL Parking Laws Flyer

2022 Golf Cart Winners

Golf Cart Winners-2022.jpg

Congratulations to John and Linda Newbury, winners of the 2022 golf cart raffle

Volunteer of the Month 

June 2022 VOTM.jpg

Volunteers of the Month - Ann Gulesian and Eva Henriques!!
Congratulations to Ann Gulesian and Eva Henriques!!
They continue to volunteer several hours a month dispatching for the Security Patrol as well as being training new dispatchers.
Thank you for all you do for the Patrol and our community!

32 Years of Service

James Cosgrove.jpg


Farewell to one of our drivers, James Cosgrove, who has been on Team 29 for 32 years and has chosen to retire from the Patrol at the end of 2022. Many thanks to James for being such a great and loyal member of the Patrol.  The picture shows James with Bruce and Donna Dickenson, the Captains of Team 29, on completion of his last shift

Community Enhancement
Grant from Chad Chronister

Martha Finley being presented
her retired Chief's stars

Security Patrol on Sun Radio

Interview of SCC Security Patrol Chief Tim Broad and Deputy Chief Bob Smith by Crystal Frank.

upcoming Golf Cart registration and the many other facets the Security Patrol plays within the community.

Golf Cart Raffle tickets are on sale until December 10th at the Security Patrol office from Mon - Fri from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Singles Club donating to Food Bank

Singles Club donating to Food Bank.jpg

Last Friday the Security Patrol hosted the Singles Club for their drive to collect cereal boxes for the Food Bank.
The target to get 20 boxes was achieved and doubled due to the generosity of the Singles Club Members and
the enthusiasm of Debbie Riley, seen here, sharing a joke with Chief Tim Broad.


30 Years of Service award being presented to James Cosgrove
by Chief Tim Broad.

25 Year Bill Panzner

25 Years of Service award being presented to Bill Panzner
by Chief Tim Broad.

Lou Wurmnest

Chief of Patrol Tim Broad and 20 year volunteer - Louis Wurmnest

Kathy Bizzano

Chief Tim Broad with Kathy Bizzano
being presented
20 years of service award and pin

Reggie Lawrence - 15 yrs.jpg

15 Years of Service being presented to Reggie Lawrence

by Deputy Chief Bob Smith

Bruce Fraser


Chief of Patrol congratulating Bruce Fraser, the Captain of the Year for 2020


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